How Governments protect their Lutyens Bungalows but remain ignorant about historic monuments…

Prof Nayanjot Lahiri of Ashoka University alerts to this new Amendment of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958.

The amendment allows construction of public works in area of protected monuments which was prohibited till now:

The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites Remains Act, 1958 (as amended in the year 2010) prohibits grant of any permission for new construction within the prohibited area of a centrally protected monument/ site. 

Prohibition of new construction within prohibited area is adversely impacting various public works and developmental projects of the Central Government. 

The amendment will pave way for certain constructions limited strictly to public works and projects essential to public within the prohibited area and benefit the public at large. 

This is a lot of discretion. Hope there are rules against what constitutes essential public projects.

Prof Lahiri protests against this amendment comparing how Governments protect Lutyens Delhi but not monuments:

What makes this amendment shameful is that our Ministers live in the Lutyens Bungalow Zone in New Delhi where overhead metro lines have not been permitted because, quite rightly, they would have permanently marred the aesthetics of the area. Hundreds of crores of rupees have been spent to ensure that there are no ugly railway corridors across that area. Yet, the ruling class has no compunction in pushing for a legislation which would allow overhead contraptions in the vicinity of our national monuments. Does the government believe that the aesthetics around government bungalows matter but not around monuments? Or is it possible that they believe that monuments do not matter and only highways do?

India’s monuments form an irreplaceable archive of our civilisational heritage. Our pride in our heritage has always been surplus while caring for that heritage suffers a huge deficit. Surely, India’s archaeological heritage, as diverse and priceless as our natural heritage, seventy years after Independence, deserves better than what has fallen to its lot.


Well even before this amendment, we just don’t care for our heritage monuments. It is such a tragedy..


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