Flybit Offers Cheapest Flight Tickets in India; Accepts only Bitcoin Payments

Interesting bit of news. As government and policymakers try and thwart digital currency challenge, some companies are trying to offer services accepting payments only in bitcoins.

This portal books flights accepting payments only in bitcoins. Why opt for it? Ticket prices are cheaper compared to other portals:

The Indian markets have been very volatile and trends tend to pick up and disappear in days. The latest trend in Indian markets is that of Bitcoins. It has been noticed that ever since demonetization took place, many Indian traders have started investing in Bitcoins, aiming high returns. While the habit of making purchases via Bitcoins hasn’t really picked up in India, a website is aiming at inculcating this habit in the users. Flybit is offering the cheapest flight tickets in the country, the only condition being that they accept only bitcoin payments.

Flybit promises the lowest airfare rates in India, and that is a promise they do deliver upon. For instance, standard prices of a Delhi to Bangalore flight on Make My Trip and GoIbibo is around Rs. 3500. Flybit offers the same ticket at about Rs. 3000 – 500 Rs. less than their competitors.

When it comes to payments, Flybit converts INR to Bitcoins, and asks you to pay the corresponding bitcoin amount on a payment address. 0.01843519 Bitcoins is the price for the Delhi – Bangalore flight. The website, managed by Mr. Prayank Gahlot also plans to give away Uber and Ola coupons along with the discounts on flight prices in the days to follow.

Flybit calculates the Bitcoin to INR exchange rate via Indian Exchanges. This means that if you are buying Bitcoins via US based exchanges, you can get it at an even cheaper rate as those who purchase Bitcoins via US exchanges get them at a 1.5-2% lower rate.

There are other similar projects gaining momentum in the country. A restaurant in Mumbai has been accepting Bitcoin payments, there’s PocketBits that allows the users to make purchases from e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon via Bitcoins. PocketBits has managed to cross over 15,000 users and transactions worth 1200 Bitcoins since February. With bitcoins gaining mainstream popularity in India, expect more such services similar to Flybit and PocketBits to pop up.


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