One-way ticket: Gujarat crematorium offers smooth flights to heaven

The enterprising spirit of Gujarat knows no limitations.

In South Gujarat’s Bardoli (Sardar Patel fame), a crematorium has been designed like an airport. The idea is to convince the family/friends of deceased one that the life has not ended but the person has left for heavenly abode:

One is called the Moksha (salvation) Airlines and the other Swarg (heaven) Airlines, and both are promising turbulence-free travel topped with a smooth takeoff and perfect landing on arrival.

But the offers come with riders: The supposed plane rides are meant only for departed souls and the destination is wherever afterlife takes the dead.

Modelled on an airport, complete with departure and arrival lounges with two replica aircraft in attendance, the Antim Yatra (final journey) crematorium in south Gujarat’s Bardoli, some 300 km from the state capital Ahmedabad, is like no other in the country.

To be inaugurated by the end of October, the crematorium resembling an airport terminal is aimed at lessening the pain of bereavement, powered also by belief that the passage to salvation for the departed souls will be smoother.

“People are more than happy in accompanying you to the airport than to crematoriums. I want to ease the pain of people who lose their dear ones by making them believe that the soul has just begun a new journey,” said Somabhai Patel, chairman of the Rupaben Sitaram Trust that operates the crematorium.


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