Due to diplomatic crisis, Qatar currency not a legal tender in international airports…

Spotted this notice in Bangalore airport on Monday morning:









How Qatar’s diplomacy crisis effects the legal tender aspect of Qatar currency. Suddenly, the currency is not acceptable for exchange at international airports. I am not sure whether all countries follow this and who decides whether the currency will be legal tender or not at international markets.

The mind went back to this Terminal movie where Tom Hanks lands in US only to realise his passport is invalid. This is because US no longer recognizes his country Krakozhia as a sovereign nation after the outbreak of a civil war. Thus, he is not permitted to either enter the country or return home as he is now stateless.

This currency crisis could have impacted travellers/immigrants from Qatar carrying the currency only to realise it is worthless in international markets.  Thus, even though they have come to safer shores will have to figure ways to make a living.

How eventually monetary systems get impacted by even things like diplomatic crises…


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