Demand for dimples in India: From Deepika to Kate Middleton ones…

I was surprised to read this news in Times of India yday.

It wrote about how the youth are going for surgeries to get dimples like Kate Middleton:

Mona Lisa, a college student from Mangaluru, had always wanted a dimple. A few years ago after the British royal wedding, she knew just whose dimples she wanted -Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s. So she paid Rs 15,000, went under the knife and is now proud of her Kate Middleton smile.

Young people in Mangaluru are undergoing dimple creation surgery to get themselves a dimpled smile like Kate Middleton, Brad Pitt or Katrina Kaif.

Plastic surgeons in the city said most of their patients are aged between 16 and 30, and are students, working professionals or homemakers. The city has a handful of cosmetic clinics and hospitals offering dimple creation surgery.

“People come to us saying they want dimples or a smile like a particular celebrity or model. Teenagers think it’s cool to have a dimple,” said Dr Karthik Vishwanath, a plastic surgeon at K S Hegde Hospital, Deralakatte.

The hospital has been doing these surgeries for several years. “Every month, we do nine or 10 such surgeries and handle dozens of queries,” said Dr Nikhil S, another plastic surgeon at K S Hedge Hospital.

He said most of the enquiries are from women, though more men are also making requests. If the patient is a student, the hospital asks for permission from the parents.

Little did I realise that this demand has been there for a while. Here is a 2009 news from Pune, from Bangalore in 2011, from Mumbai in 2014 (dimples like  Deepika, nose like Katrina!) where surgeries can be done for as little as Rs 200..

Always wanted dimples like Deepika Padukone’s or Shah Rukh Khan’s but the cost of surgery put your desired appearance beyond your means? How about getting the job done for just Rs 200?

For the past one year, the government-run J J Hospital in Byculla has been conducting cosmetic surgeries for as low as Rs 200, turning what was once the domain of film stars and the elite into an aam aadmi procedure.

Not just newly-created dimples, you can now get lips like Bipasha Basu’s, a shapely nose like Anushka Sharma’s,and a sharp jawline similar to Ranbir Kapoor’s, all for Rs 200 each. The response from the Mumbaikars has been terrific.

The ENT Department, which conducts the surgeries, reported that more than 500 people have undergone the procedure, of which 19 people underwent Botoxtreatment to rid their skin of wrinkles, and at least 50 people went under the scalpel for artificial dimples.

Dr Mohan Jagde, the department head who conceptualised cheap cosmetic surgeries at the hospital, said both the young and not-so-young segments formed the hospital’s clientele. “Several women in their 40s come in for Botox treatment. Anyone can now get a clear, wrinkle-free face,” Jagde said.

In private clinics, the procedure to create dimples costs anywhere from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000, while nose correction surgeries can go up to Rs 1 lakh. “We received several inquiries here in J J Hospital from those who couldn’t afford to get the surgeries done in private clinics. Youngsters, especially those looking to get married, are now flocking to the hospital,” Jagde said, adding that he has noticed a “tremendous change” in the patients’ confidence after undergoing the procedure. 

So far dimples were rare which made them appealing to people. With getting dimples becoming this easy and cheap, will they continue to appeal or will diminishing returns set in here as well?

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