Aurangabad restaurants using dog meat to prepare biryani?

This piece in ToI caught my eye:

A member of center government’s Animal Welfare Board has alerted the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) expressing concerns that some restaurants are using dog meat in their biryani.

Mehar Matharani has instructed the officials to remain vigilant in this regard. On Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi’s suggestion, Mehar visited the AMC. She also met AMC Commissioner D. M. Mungalikar and other senior officials regarding the issue.

Mehar then accompanied the AMC’s dog squad to supervise the process of capturing dogs in the city.

She expressed her concern to the media saying that many dog heads were found in the city. Even their body parts were missing. She continued saying this is a dangerous issue. Some restaurants are serving biryani at cheap rates and most probaby they might be using dog meat to prepare it. 

How have humans decided which animal’s meat is suited to eat or not? Why is it that eating chicken, mutton, fish etc do not evoke negative reactions? But the dog’s meat does? How have these meat eating behaviors shaped over the years?

Takes you to Al Roth’s work on repugnant markets/goods where he talks about how eating horse meat has this serious repugnant feeling.

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