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Housefull Economics: Trapped in Scarcity

October 4, 2017

Here is my contribution to the highly entertaining Housefull Economics column in Pragati Magazine.

In the spirit of the column, I use the Rajkumar Rao starrer Trapped to explain the concept of scarcity. Hence the title of the post: Trapped in Scarcity.

I thank the editor Amit Varma for his useful inputs and edit help..

Lessons from the Old Masters on Assessing Equity and Efficiency: A Primer for Fiscal Policymakers

October 4, 2017

IMF Working paper by Vitor Gaspar,  Paolo Mauro and Tigran Poghosyan:

How can a society’s well-being be measured to include not only average incomes but also their distribution? How can the effects of policies be assessed by considering both equity and efficiency? This primer outlines the seminal contributions of influential economists of the past, including Arthur Okun, who developed a simple method to elicit people’s preferences regarding redistribution, and Anthony Atkinson, who showed how equity and efficiency can be measured simultaneously and summarized in a single, intuitive index expressed in monetary units (such as dollars). These methods are applied to recent data to gauge how countries fare when both mean incomes and their distribution are considered together, and to a hypothetical tax-and-transfer scheme assessed through a general equilibrium model for household-level data.

Should read this carefully..

How the CEO’s cultural heritage affects bank performance under competition…

October 4, 2017

Louis Nguyen, Jens Hagendorff and Arman Eshraghi have this interesting piece:

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