If demonetisation was a nudge towards digital payments, what is a hammer?

Just read this piece in Mint which is unbelievable given all the evidence we now have. Above all the author says it was a nudge towards digital payments! Really? Then what is a hammer? The debates over demonetisation will continue for along time given the move but calling it a nudge is just shocking. Nudge is just a gentle push and demonetisation was anything but that.

Given the Riksbank Prize to Prof Thaler for his nudge theory, we are seeing a lot of articles connecting his ideas to policies in India etc. But history suggests neither nudge is a novel idea nor policy can be connected to nudges.

But then even Prof Thaler supported demonetisation was announced only to take back his words soon thereafter. He was rebuked sharply by Prof Nirvikar Singh in this piece. It was highly unfortunate for likes of Prof Thaler to just advocate a policy without looking at ground realities. Would he have supported a similar move in US?

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