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Welcoming research on business anthropology and community anthropology…

November 20, 2017

Prof. M Romesh (anthropology, University of Hyderabad) has an interesting paper on business anthropology:


Godrej Locks aiming to be ahead of thieves

November 20, 2017

Godrej Locks has roped in reformed robbers.thieves to talk about security:

Traditional wisdom has it that the best place to hide things from a thief is right under his nose.

Security solutions company Godrej Locks has gone a step ahead, getting the thieves themselves to dispense advice on how to secure yourselves from risk and theft.

In a series of three videos, three robbers, now reformed, let viewers into some tricks of their trade – such as ways to break a lock – and reiterate that thieves will stop at nothing, even murder.

Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice-President, Godrej Locks, says the persons featured in the videos “have done all kinds of gruesome things to achieve nefarious objectives”. The company tapped many sources, including the police to track these people. They have all done time in jail. “Now that they are reformed, they were more than willing to talk,” Motwani says.

The videos are primarily to spread awareness but end with the former thieves certifying Godrej Locks as ones that cannot be tampered with.

Mention the scores of movies where robbers overcome sophisticated technology to carry out heists and Motwani says that in real life, electronics and biometrics make it difficult. Unless someone has placed a spy cam atop your door and figures out your passcode, they cannot gain entry. It’s important to change the code regularly, he adds.

Also, with mechanical locks that have several bolts, it’s not worth a thief’s time to get through every single one because he may well be discovered before he finishes the job, he says. He adds, though, that it’s a fact that thieves would want to get ahead of the technology, “so it’s our challenge to develop even more sophisticated technology and be ahead of them”.


Weather prediction: Can individuals challenge central agencies?

November 20, 2017

Came across two posts today:

So two individuals whose track record of predicting weather. rains etc has been seen as decent.  I am sure there are some more around in other places as well. Given track record of the Indian Meteorological Department, perhaps we should encourage more such decentralised ways to manage and predict weather patterns..

Open your eyes to (the ills of) Federal Reserve

November 20, 2017

For a moment one thought this piece would have been written by an economist who was a follower Austrian School.

But it is written by Joel Thornton who is a businessman in Tallahassee. He says Federal Reserve is the “greatest business monopoly and swindle in the history”.


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