As cryptocurrency debates heat up, traditional banknotes are revving up their technology as well

Nice interview of Dr Mang of Louisenthal (HT: J.P. Koning, who else?).

It is a subsidiary of technology company Giesecke & Devrient, is a recognised leading international manufacturer of banknote paper, security paper and security features. We know so little about these firms which are behind the world monetary economics.

Trends and Insights: There are various substrates on the market. Why should central banks choose the HybridTM banknote?
Dr. Thomas Mang: HybridTM banknotes are ideal for challenging conditions. By uniting cotton and polymer banknote technologies, we have succeeded in creating a perfect composition. HybridTM banknotes combine proven security with a considerably longer service life – and the result is a banknote that is slow to soil, does not become limp, and yet still enjoys the trust of the population because of its similarity to the well-known cotton banknotes.

What does the combination of different materials actually look like?

The easiest way to understand the special structure of a HybridTM banknote is to imagine a cross section. The inner cotton core is surrounded by a polymer film to which a special printable layer is applied.

This is how the picture is:


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