RBI clarifies on the IDRBT paper on Aadhaar..

It is not very often that we see regulators reacting to media reports and research. Earlier, SEBI used to issue clarifications on media reports which was discontinued later.

So it is interesting that RBI has issued a clarification on a recent paper published by IDRBT.  The paper was written by Mr S. Ananth who is a visiting faculty at IDRBT and does not work in RBI. But still it was something to see a public institution like IDRBT to publish such a paper as the institute is established by RBI.

The media reported the research paper as one from RBI/RBI established institute and so on. RBI clarifies:

RBI has come across reports in a section of media attributing a study on security aspects of Aadhaar by one Shri S. Ananth, an adjunct faculty of Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), to RBI researchers. It is clarified that neither the RBI nor its researchers were in any way connected with the study. Further, views expressed by the author are not those of the RBI.

It is strange to see the regulator respond in such a manner that too on a piece of research. There are so many such news which bring the institution’s name in the middle but there are no reactions..


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