Brief history of airport chapels in US..

Did not know that airports have chapels too.

Prof Wendy Cadge of Brandeis University gives us a tour:

Traveling in the new year? It is very likely there is a chapel or meditation room tucked away somewhere in one of the airports you’ll pass through. Sixteen of the country’s 20 largest airports have chapels, as do many more around the world.

I am a sociologist of contemporary American religion and have written two recent articles about airport chaplains and chapels. My interest in airport chapels started as simple curiosity – why do airports have chapels and who uses them? After visiting a few – including the chapel at Logan, my home airport here in Boston – I have concluded that they reflect broader changing norms around American religion.

The first one was in Boston and was built for airport staff. Later, chapels were added in other airports as well. Later Protestant chapels also opened up in other airports.



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