How ID food company helps the new-generation homemakers make vada with a hole?

Interesting bit of innovation from ID Fresh Food company. They have designed a packet such that one can just squeeze the batter in the boiling oil and get the traditional vadas without poking holes. The video of their innovation is here.

It took three years in making and the company has patented the design as well:

The vada is an age-old snack with an age-old problem — that of shaping it, with the hole intact!

Now, Bengaluru-based ID Fresh Food has come up with a squeeze-and-fry pack that will form the vada as the batter is squeezed through the spout. The company makes a range of readymade idli and dosa batter and other convenience foods.

Most new-generation homemakers, ID Fresh found out, had no idea how to achieve the hole in the vada.

Providing readymade batter was no solution as it’s extremely sticky, and getting the shape and size right is a messy job, PC Musthafa, CEO and co-founder, ID Fresh Food, told BusinessLine. “We realised consistency was crucial, especially in a pack with a spout. Traditionally, vada batter is ground in a stone grinder or a mixie. Replicating it with industrial-scale equipment was a challenge,” he explained. Several trials were done to ensure it had the right viscosity.

The company even experimented with ready-to-fry vada-shaped dough packed in a tray. That failed. Next came a spout through which the vada could be dispensed. What emerged was just a round blob, the hole in the centre still missing. After some modification and re-engineering of the spout, the company got it right, said Musthafa.

This product was three years in the making, and there were times when many in the team suggested dropping the project, he added.

What did the company have to keep in mind designing this pack? “Safety was a critical aspect. We had to ensure the spout didn’t come apart at any point,” said Musthafa, adding that they have patented the spout. The substrate used in the packaging supports the viscosity of the batter, and can take the pressure applied to form the vada shape.

Superb stuff..

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