Growing shadow banking in China

Interesting (and worrisome) research by BIS researchers: Torsten Ehlers, Steven Kong and Feng Zhu.

They look at shadow banking system in China:

We develop a stylised shadow banking map for China with the aim of providing a coherent picture of its structure and the associated financial system interlinkages. Five key characteristics emerge. One defining feature of the shadow banking system in China is the dominant role of commercial banks, true to the adage that shadow banking in China is the “shadow of the banks”. Moreover, it differs from shadow banking in the United States in that securitisation and market-based instruments play only a limited role. With a series of maps we show that the size and dynamics of shadow banking in China have been changing rapidly. This reveals a marked shift in the relative importance of different shadow banking activities. New and more complex “structured” shadow credit intermediation has emerged and quickly reached a large scale, while the bond market has become highly dependent on funding channelled through wealth management products. As a result, the structure of shadow banking in China is growing more complex.

This map says it all:


One Response to “Growing shadow banking in China”

  1. samir sardana Says:

    India Plans to cut PRC imports – this is the brainchild of the Chaiwala son of a dishwasher Indian PM

    This is all bunkum!

    If Chaiwala is serious – ban all PRC imports !

    Y hike import duty or impose ADD/CVD or use Safeguard Duty or Technical Barriers to Trade ? dindooohndoo

    That will add to Indian Input Costs,and bankrupt several industries,and then the banking !

    If PRC exports to India,are USD 100 Billion and duty is hiked by 20% – then 20 billion USD of profits,of Indian companies are gone.In addition,the supply chain of those user industries (of Chinese inputs),will also be wiped out,on upstream (suppliers of materials and inputs to Indian entities, which import Chinese materials) and downstream (users of Indian products made, from Chinese inputs) as they will either not offer cost reductions,or not absorb cost hikes !

    On a duty hike of 20%,on Chinese exports,to India of 100 Billion – at least 150-200 Billion USD of Indian entities will be destroyed – asssuming a material sales ratioj of 50%.Add to that the impact on the upstream and downstream supply chain – which is another 150-200 Billion USD.If 400 Billion USD of Indian sales are wiped out – it is safe to assume that the Debt to Sales ratio is say 0.25:1,and so USD 100 Billion of bank and other debt will be NPA.

    Then you come to the retail imports – phones,Tvs,Toys etc.That will wipe out the entire retail trade as INDIANS WILL NOT PAY HIGHER PRICES OF INDIAN SUPPLIES.That is disaster in the unorganised finance market – Nidhis/NBFCs/Chit Funds – all will go bust.This will also impact the unorganised working capital credit to SMEs.

    Y not also impose an Export tax on exports to PRC. Again a dead end – as PRC will import from elsewhere.

    Y not ban Chinese flag ships from Indian Ports – No problem – PRC will do the same from PRC and HK and some African Ports.

    Y not ban PRC from all infrastructure projects ? Sad ! All Indian Infra companies are bankrupt – including those making toilets !

    India needs PRC.

    PRC could short Indian paper and securities,in the NASDAQ/NYSE or short the INR,in the NDF or just kick out the Indians,from HKSAR – now PRC.It Could also kick out the Indians from many nations in Africa – Idi style ! I pray for Idi !

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    Sweet Dreams are made of this !

    India has no options ! The PRC will now enter the whole of the North East

    India cannot handle Nepal – they could not stop them from changing a map – how will they handle PRC.Indians still have not perfected the art of making galvanised steel – how will they re-take Galwan ?

    Just handover Ladakh,Sikkim and Arunachal to the PRC

    And then back to Cow piss Cola !

    In the next phase,I expect PRC to use Tibetans in the PLA on the Indo-Chinese border and the Nepali midgets on the Indo-Nepal – to turn the Tibetans and Nepalis against India and Indians

    The Mongols are the master race of South and East Asia – that is a historical and scientific fact !

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