RIP: K. Ravi Shetty of Ghee Roast dosa fame..

There was a recent story of how a single mother from Mangalore had converted one of the Mahindra vehicles to a food truck. This led Anand Mahindra to gift another vehicle to support her business.

The story was fascinating as this region of Mangalore/Udupi excels in food business like no other. One sees how Udupi restaurants have mushroomed all around the country standing for all good things in a restaurant: tasty food, affordable prices and efficient services. Thus, it was not surprising to see another innovation from this area in form of food truck (which is not as big a innovation actually).

Then the name Mangalore is added to several cuisines, distinguishing from the rest of the offerings.

One such dish is ghee roast dosa which is particularly popular in Southern India restaurants. I have not seen restaurants in other parts of the country offering ghee roast dosa (I could be wrong here).

On 13 Feb 2018, K Ravindranath Shetty who popularised the ghee roast dosa passed away:

 K. Ravindranath Shetty, restaurateur and a key member of the founding family of famous Mangalore Ghee Roast is no more. He passed away this evening (13 Feb. 2018) at Yenepoya Hospital following illness. He is said to have been suffering from renal failure. He was aged 56 and is survived by his wife Kiran, a son and a daughter. 

His cremation is on Friday at 10:30 am and last respects may be paid at ‘Abhiman Gardens’, Kadri  (Opp. City Hospital), Mangalore, according sources close to his family. 

Ravindranath Shetty was better known as ‘Kane Ravi’ due to his passionate association with Mangalorean Lady Fish Masala Fry. He was also one among the handful of family members who were privy to the secret recipe of ‘Mangalore Ghee Roast’, a dish invented by his mother Padmavathi and popularized at restaurants run by his family. Mangalore Ghee Roast has since then become a generic dish synonymous with Mangalore cuisine.

Hmm. Really sad news considering Mr Shetty was in his 50s.

It is amazing how such a small area has innovated across both food offerings and hotel design and made an identity for itself. Hats off to such entrepreneurs who provide so much happiness to people in their own ways via food. And this region has several such entrepreneurs…


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