Women fund managers generate solid returns…

There is this stream of research which believes women do better at financial managament. For instance if there was Lehman Sisters then it might not have taken the higher risks.

This related article shows women fund managers have done well in recent years:

The number of women managers may be small in the industry, but they have generated solid returns, according to a study by Morningstar India.

“As we dig deeper into the data, we find that out of the total assets managed by women fund managers, 61 per cent of the AUM outperformed the benchmark/peer group average over one-year basis, 81 per cent over three-year basis and 86 per cent over five-year basis. Thus, over the long term, funds managed/overseen by women managers have delivered significant outperformance versus peers,” Morningtar said in a report after analysing data from fund houses.

However, the number of women managers at 24 is still under-represented in the fund management business, the report added. According to Morningstar, women managers constitute just 8 per cent of the industry.

The report further noted that these managers cumulatively manage assets worth 3.06 lakh crore, which is about 15 per cent of the total assets under management of open-ended funds. The total assets managed by women have recorded an increase in absolute terms from 2.32 lakh crore last year. “However, in terms of percentage of overall assets, this number remained in the same ballpark as last year,” it noted.


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