HSBC’s branch in Mansfield celebrate its 125th anniversary

Nice bit of history of a bank branch.

  • 1865 – The Nottingham Joint Stock Bank opened on September 1
  • 1893 – The Mansfield branch was opened by the Nottingham Joint Stock Bank
  • 1893 – Samuel Davidson appointed first Mansfield branch manager
  • 1905 – Nottingham Joint Stock Bank amalgamated with London City and Midland Bank (now HSBC UK)
  • 1914-1918 – Mansfield staff served their country in the First World War
  • 1916 – Mr Davidson retired after 38 years of service with his assistant manager Edward Matthew Ellis taking over responsibilities
  • 1938-1944 – The branch faced the strain of the Second World War with nine men leaving to join the Armed Forces and five temporary members of staff arriving to take their place
  • 1972 – Accounts at the Mansfield branch became computerised
  • 2018 – HSBC UK celebrates its 125 anniversary at the Mansfield branch

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