Why Delhi may face tomorrow what Cape Town faces today

After worries over Bangalore drying, Delhi joins the list as well.

In this Mint piece, Ragini Bhuyan researches on water situation in Delhi.

These signs were visible long ago when one was seeing water tankers in Delhi by mid-90s itself. Ironically, much of this tanker water was going to posh societies built in the newer areas. Now am told, this is fairly wide-spread.

Indian media is doing a poor job of highlighting the huge water crisis staring at us. It is amazing how they react to stock market declines, but barely react to slipping water levels with each passing day.


One Response to “Why Delhi may face tomorrow what Cape Town faces today”

  1. Padmanabhan Nair Says:

    Yes . We have a problem of huge proportions coming up soon .Cape Town is a wake up call for water harvesting, conservation and planning.

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