Bangalore airport bus service to offer more services: But fix the punctuality first…

There are special buses that ply to and fro Bangalore Airport called Vayu Vajra.

Recent news suggests that the bus service is getting jazzier offering many services:

These are welcome given the long ride to the airport. These additional services have been started due to competition from cab operators.

Having said this, the bus service should also fix two things: punctuality and fares.

First let us discuss the punctuality. The primary job of any transport service should be reaching on time and ensuring minimal delay. But here the bus services lag behind majorly and cabs do a much better job. This is obviously due to Bangalore’s congested roads where smaller vehicles like cabs are able to maneuver much better. Still one could stick to a strict time schedule and ensure buses leave on time.  Particularly those at airport keep waiting for more passengers to fill the bus. However, there is a dilemma here. If they do not fill the buses, they run empty and lead to losses. Perhaps a better coordination with incoming flights could be considered. I also think one could run smaller buses on the airport route which could help in both, cutting wait time and manage through clogged roads.

Second is the fares. For a single person, bus still makes sense on economic terms keeping costs of delay aside. However, if there are more persons, cabs come to be much cheaper and work well on time factor as well. Cabs also drop a person right at the doorstep whereas one has to still find a cab/auto from the bus stop to reach home. So, one has to think clearly about the fares.

This is not to say the above measures should not be welcome. They are atleast trying to incentivise more people to take the bus and thereby unclog the roads and lower pollution levels. But the key to taking the bus is the time and the fare. Both do not favor the bus services as of now. To get more people to take the bus, addressing both these issues are really important.


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