Tamil Nadu buses take to ‘surge pricing’ now

The TN government buses run special buses on weekends to clear the rush and charge 1.5 times the normal fare:

It is not just appbased cab aggregators who use surge pricing. In an attempt to boost revenue, government buses in Tamil Nadu have started adopting a similar strategy, forcing passengers to pay one-and-a-half times the normal fare on board ‘special’ buses operated during weekends.

A visit by TOI to the Chennai Mofussil Bus terminus in Koyambedu showed many government buses, which are supposed to be operated with ‘ordinary’ fares, being run as ‘special’ services. Most of these buses are bound for places like Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Madurai and places in other southern districts, besides popular tourist destinations. Never have such provisions existed in the rule book until government orders were issued in January revising the bus fare structure.

Though, people are not happy as normal buses are also charging special fares!

Consumer rights activists are fuming. “Though the government order states that only special buses operated during weekends and festivals are allowed to collect one and a half times the normal fare, even ordinary buses have started using this opportunity to collect fares at an increased rate,” said K Kathirmathiyon, an activist who has filed a complaint with the state government in this connection .

One is always interested in different strategies followed by state government buses across the country. It will also be interesting to get fares charged by them to compare and figure..

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