Amidst all digital money talk, Bank of England appoints a new Chief Cashier..

Just read this news where Ms. Sarah Jones has been appointed as the Chief cashier of the Bank of England.

I also learnt that in England it is the chief cashier who signs the banknotes!:

As Chief Cashier and Director of Notes, Victoria is responsible for making sure that our banknotes have the latest anti-counterfeiting technology, so that people can have confidence that the banknotes they use every day are genuine. The Chief Cashier must also make sure there are enough banknotes in circulation, so they work closely with financial institutions, banknote suppliers and retailers.

You can find the Chief Cashier’s signature on every one of our banknotes. Chief Cashiers sign banknotes on behalf of the Bank to demonstrate our promise to pay the value of the note for all time. Originally, Chief Cashiers’ signatures were handwritten on each banknote one by one: now the signature is added as part of the design and appears on each banknote that is printed.

The first Chief Cashier was John Kendrick. He was appointed in 1694, the year the Bank was founded.

The link also has the list of Chief Cashier since 1694 onwards.

Nice to know this bit. Will be interesting to compile a list of who signs the banknotes in different countries.


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