A macroeconomics workshop for MPhil/PhD students in Indian universities….

Azim Premji University is organising a macroeconomics workshop on Aug 23-24 2018.

One would expect an advanced macro workshop to be just more modelling and math. But this one is on heterodox economists and developing critical thinking on macro policy:

There is substantial published research by scholars working in universities, central banks, and research institutes on macroeconomics. Most of this research completely ignores the advanced research inspired by heterodox economists.

More importantly, there is inadequate critical evaluation of the dominant macroeconomic thinking – both in theory and policy. The formulation of good macroeconomic policies for India requires a mix of good macroeconomic theory, empirics, and understanding of Indian socioeconomic institutions. In order to better understand the core logic of the dominant macroeconomic thinking, this workshop features presentations on the role of competition and potential output in their framework, and alternatives are presented. In addition, presentations will be made on demand-led growth theory.

Through a mix of senior and junior academics, policy makers, and economics students, this work strives to communicate the importance of good macroeconomic thinking to a wide audience.

The last date for application is 20 June 2018. If possible, please pread the word to MPhil/PhD students in Indian Universities.


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