How governments pass off politics as economics…

Interesting piece by Puja Mehra. She questions the recent government’s economic policies and says much is just politics.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes four years in office this month, it is becoming increasingly clear that his government has fallen short on the promises made during the 2014 election campaign. The economy has performed below expectations, and some of the economic metrics today are weaker than what the country witnessed in the last years – labelled the ‘policy paralysis’ phase – of the second term of Manmohan Singh Government. As senior journalist Puja Mehra points out, economic discontent and insecurities are on the rise, Dalits and farmers are restive, and traditionally land-owning classes are demanding quotas in government jobs. The middle class is palpably disaffected, the informal economy is struggling, big business is quiet, and the clamour for infrastructure and skill development has all but died.

There is a lot of data in the piece to show how the dreams are being sold.
I would say this is not just about this government alone. It is pretty much a task of all governments to somehow convince voters that all this politicisation is in their benefit. Everything is being politicised at this moment. Look at the way political parties are taking credit for successes of Class 10 and 12 students. It is both humorous and appalling at the same time.

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    […] the last four years have seen most government initiatives driven by politics rather than economics. As the Mostly Economics blog pointed out in its coverage of Mehra’s piece, it’s not just this government that’s being driven by politics over economics. The […]

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