Hong Kong filmmakers found guilty of possession of fake banknotes..

This is interesting bit of news. Apparently two filmmakers in an award winning film used fake currency notes. But they looked so real that they have been booked:

Cheung Wai-chuen and Law Yun-lam were found guilty on May 31 of possession of counterfeit cash that was used in the film, which took home five awards – including best picture – at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards.

In a twist worthy of a Hollywood plot, the authenticity that had garnered the film so much acclaim was now the pair’s undoing.

The Eastern Court heard that in 2016, the year the film came out, Law borrowed 9,996 fake HK$1,000 banknotes from Cheung for a prank. Police found the money in Law’s car and later discovered some 200,000 more banknotes at Cheung’s props company.

Since the notes were so close to the real McCoy, Eastern Court Magistrate Cheung Kit-yee said she believed they could be easily mistaken for authentic cash – despite the words “movie prop” in fine print across the bills. While the magistrate said she did not think the pair had planned to use the fake cash illegally, they had still committed a crime because others could have taken the paper props and tried to pass them off as real money.

The pair were sentenced to four months in prison, although this was suspended for two years sparing them jail time.

Still, the case sent shock waves through the film industry and cast the spotlight on local legislation surrounding movie props.

Will be interesting to watch the proceedings..


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