Nudging Air Conditioner settings at 24 degrees to check power wastage

This is an interesting nudge from Indian government.

It wants Air Conditioners to have default temperature set at 24 degrees.

Soon air-conditioners (ACs) sold in the country could come with a default setting of 24 degrees Celsius and will allow temperature setting between 24 and 26 degrees only as part of a campaign to promote greater efficiency in electricity consumption for cooling.

The ACs will also have labels indicating the optimum temperature setting that is best suited for savings in power bill and health of consumers. To begin with, the power ministry intends to issue an advisory to all commercial and public establishments such as airports, hotels, shopping malls as well as manufacturers to keep temperature setting at 24 degrees.

Based on the public feedback and a six-month awareness campaign, the ministry may consider making these measures mandatory. According to a ministry statement, these were decided at a meeting with AC manufacturers on Friday.

“Every degree increase in the AC temperature setting results in a saving of 6% of electricity consumed. Normal human body temperature is approximately 36-37 degree Celsius but large number of commercial establishments, hotels and offices maintain temperature around 18-21 degree. This is not only uncomfortable but is unhealthy,” the statement quoted power minister R K Singh saying at the meeting.


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