Designs of bank notes issued by the Reserve Bank of India since 1967

RBI released its Master Circular on Detection and Impounding of Counterfeit Notes.

The Annexure VII of the Circular has a list of design of banknotes by RBI since 1967.  These design changes were done mainly to check counterfeiting notes.

  1. Rs 10 notes: 11 design changes
  2. Rs 20: 6 changes
  3. Rs 50: 8 changes
  4. Rs 100: 8 changes
  5. Rs 200: new denomination
  6. Rs 500 (new series): skips discussion on old series of Rs 500 notes.
  7. Rs 2000: new denomination

The notice also excludes Rs 1000 note as it was declared that it is no more legal tender and a new series was not issued as seen in case of Rs 500. It is also interesting to see that RBI barely made any changes to any of the available denominations (Rs 10, 20, 50 and 100) in 1980s barring Rs 50.



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