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How banks migrated during Partition?

August 15, 2018

Happy Independence Day to all.

On this day, I am revisiting this article I wrote for Mint last year where I looked at how banks migrated during Partition.

I wanted to work further on the topic and track how the banks fared post Partition and the challenges they faced. But just could not find enough resources and even lacked time to work on the ideas.

Then there is this earlier post on how the break-up of the Indian monetary union was managed as RBI had to manage the currency for both India and Pakistan. This was quite an event and is such a pity that monetary scholars have barely paid any attention to this.  This requires a careful examination of several aspects of monetary economics especially in context of discussions on the European Monetary Union.

The Partition is mostly studied from a political lens for obvious reasons. But the economic, monetary and financial lenses are as intriguing and have several lessons for today.

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