The cool new Australia $50 banknote who feature a woman and her speech on the note…

Last week, RBA announced the new design for AUD 50 note going in circulation.

Philip Lowe, Governor of the central bank, explained key features in his speech. It not just has a prominent woman on the note but also an extract from her speech:

we are currently upgrading Australia’s banknotes. I am pleased to be able to announce that the new $50 note will be released on 18 October. We are proud to have a prominent West Australian on this note – Edith Cowan – as well as the Aboriginal writer and inventor David Unaipon. The redesigned $50 note celebrates the fact that Edith Cowan was the very first female member of an Australian Parliament. The microtext on the note will include an extract from her first speech to the Western Australian Parliament. When the note is released, those of you with great eyesight might be able to read this microtext without a microscope. But for those who will struggle to read it, I would like to quote a little from the text. In 1921 Edith Cowan said:

I stand here to-day in the unique position of being the first woman in an Australian Parliament- If men and women can work for the same state side by side and represent all the different sections of the community- I cannot doubt that we should do very much better work in the community than was ever done before.

Nearly one hundred years on, this sentiment is just as relevant as it was back in 1921. We are proud to have this text on the new $50 note and to recognise Edith Cowan’s achievement. The note will also have a seating plan of today’s Western Australian Legislative Assembly. It will also recognise Edith Cowan’s lifelong advocacy of women. Western Australia’s official bird emblem – the iconic black swan – will also appear on the note a number of times. If the note is tilted you will be able to see the colour of the swan change and its wings move. So I am sure that people here in Western Australia will feel a great affinity for the note and enjoy spending it.

More details here along with pictures of the note. How they come up with amazing colour combinations is quite something…

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