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Sweden moves closer to issuing e-krona…

October 30, 2018

In Sweden, physical cash continues to decline and this has led to Swedes thinking of introducing a cash law.

Parallely, they are now moving closer to issuing a central bank digital currency:


Remembering Prof Dwijendra Tripathi: Why is India’s business history important?

October 30, 2018

Prof Tirthankar Roy pays tribute to Prof Dwijendra Tripathi.

In September this year, Professor Dwijendra Tripathi passed away. Until recently, he was the only business historian of India whose works were internationally recognized and respected. In the last twenty years, he produced as author or co-author a set of books, the Oxford History of Indian Business. The deep knowledge of the facts, love of the field, and a direct writing style, for which Tripathi was known, are in full display in these books.

I had interacted with Professor Tripathi closely in the 1990s, reviewed his books, visited his home, and admired him for his warm personality, scholarship, and his distance from ideological camps. On the last occasion we were in touch (7th July 2017), I emailed him the draft of a paper where there was a reference to Tripathi and Jumani in a mildly critical fashion, asking him if he would think that my criticism was unfair. He wrote: “Please go ahead with your paper; criticism is the life blood of scholarship.” Few Indian scholars I know of are so sporting.

In the process, he also tells us about his new book on business history:


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