‘Cheating’ gorillas at U.K. zoo show puzzle-solving skills

Interesting piece:

Gorillas at a zoo in England have demonstrated a distinctly human trait while attempting to solve a new puzzle game — cheating.

The gorillas were presented with a wall-mounted device where the aim is to guide a peanut through a series of obstacles by poking a stick through various holes to move it along. Eventually the peanut reaches the bottom of the device and drops out.

Some gorillas, however, figured out an easier way to retrieve the nut.

“We’ve seen a lot of cheating behaviour where they’ve been putting their lips up against the device and sucking the nut out which was not how we intended the device to be used. But it just shows you that they’re very flexible, they’re capable of creating new solving strategies to access the food,” Dr. Fay Clark from Bristol Zoo Gardens said. “They have some fascinating problem-solving abilities that have probably not been witnessed before,” she added.

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