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Should Spain limit payments in cash? View from ECB

February 6, 2019

ECB puts up its decisions on legal matters pertaining to money on its website which are a must follow.

In the recent one, ECB is asked to review the recent Spain draft policy to limit cash payments.


Central banking and Beatles: What is the connection?

February 6, 2019

Interesting speech by Jens Weidmann of Bundesbank. He points how Beatles gave their last performance 5 years ago:

It was on 30 January 1969, to be precise. What I would give to have been strolling down London’s Savile Row during my lunch break on what was, like today, a chilly Thursday. Passers-by could hardly believe their ears. Music was blaring from the rooftop of house number 3. But it wasn’t just any old music – it was the Beatles, and they were playing live1.  

By this point in their career, the Beatles hadn’t given a live concert for more than two years, having decided to concentrate on their work in the studio. Recordings for the Fab Four’s latest LP, which would later be released under the title Let It Be, were being videotaped, and the highlight of the documentary was to be a live concert at a spectacular location. But the band ended up simply performing a concert on the roof of their headquarters.

What no-one suspected at the time was that it would be the last time the Beatles ever performed live. 50 years ago, then, saw the end of a musical era that we still hold dear today. And that’s why the Beatles will pop up at various points during my speech here today. 

He discusses outlook for German economy and how it can be improved. Then talks about the monetary union and draws analogies from musical bands:


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