First Trust bank to stop printing its own banknotes from 30 June 2022 onwards

In UK and related territories, banknotes are issued by players other than Bank of England. They are issued in Sterling Pounds and have same value as  BoE notes but the issuer is different.

Thus in Northern Ireland, there are 4 such banks that issue their own banknotes:

  • Bank of Ireland
  • First Trust Bank
  • Danske Bank
  • Ulster Bank

First Trust Bank has announced it will stop issuing its own banknotes from 30 Jun 2022 onwards. Its ATMs will issue BoE notes:

The decision to cease issuing our own banknotes was a commercial decision which took into account the increasing use of digital payment methods and mobile technology.

Our decision is solely in respect of our own banknote issuance, and we will continue to handle banknotes issued by the Bank of England and any of the other authorised note issuing banks in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

We remain fully committed to Northern Ireland and supporting our customers here and the wider Northern Irish economy. You can view our public announcement and frequently asked questions for further information.

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