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Hold those hagiographies of Mario Draghi as ECB chief

March 19, 2019

V Anantha Nageshwaran in his new piece cautions against praising Mario Draghi, who would soon retire as ECB head:



Kazakhstan will get rid of the Russian language on their money

March 19, 2019

Nice bit on currency and language which has a long history:

The Kazakh authorities have changed the design of coins and banknotes of the national currency — tenge. Now they will not be inscriptions in Russian language. The corresponding decree of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev published on the website of the legal information system “Adilet”.

“The text used in the design of banknotes and coins, issued in the state language. In the design of investment and collection coins allowed the use of inscriptions in foreign languages”, — the document says.

While Russian language can be used in the design of investment and collection coins, issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

The old rules allowed the use of Russian along with Kazakh in the design of banknotes and coins.

Russian has the status official, but not a state language in Kazakhstan, and in accordance with the Constitution, can be used in public organizations. The authorities have carried out a policy of “trilingualism”, encouraging the population to study, in addition to Kazakh, Russian and English.

In 2016, President Nursultan Nazarbaev demanded significant to dismiss officials who refuse to talk to people in Russian. However, in February last year, he said that the authorities — the Parliament and the government should go in its work in the Kazakh language.


The rage called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

March 19, 2019

My piece in moneycontrol on MMT.

How failing banks paved Hitler’s path to power: Financial crisis and right-wing extremism in Germany, 1931-33

March 19, 2019

Sebastian Doerr, José-Luis Peydró and Hans-Joachim Voth in their research:

The 10 greatest cricket world cup matches….

March 19, 2019 has been running a series of 10 best world cup matches. Here they go:


RIP Prof Alan Krueger

March 19, 2019

Really sad to receive the news. Prof Alan Kruger passed away at just 58.

His paper on minimum wages is legendary and was on future Nobel lists for many economists. That he took how own life adds so much more to the tragedy.

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