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The financial sector must be at the heart of tackling climate change..

April 17, 2019

Climate change is again becoming central to policy.

Central  bank Governors of France and England have written an open letter along with Frank Elderson (Chair of the Network for Greening the Financial System):



A walk tracing the history of Kozhikode..

April 17, 2019

On World Heritage day tomorrow, a group of people are doing a walk to take through heritage of Kozhikode:

To mark World Heritage Day on Thursday, a group of heritage enthusiasts will trace the trail covering Tali, Palayam, S.M. Street and Mananchira in the city that offers an insight into the most vibrant chapters of the chequered history of Kozhikode.
Captain Ramesh Babu, project manager of the National Institute for Research and Development in Defence Shipbuilding (Nirdesh), who is leading the heritage walk, from 6.30 a.m. to 9 a.m., said that Kozhikode had a history dating back to the 8th Century, making it one of the oldest port cities on the West Coast of India.
“The city is a treasure trove of history, left behind by Porlathiri and Samoothiri kings, maritime traders from Arabia, Africa, Greece, Turkey and China; conquerors from Mysore, colonisers from Europe and many trading communities from other parts of India,” he said.
Should be fascinating. Pass on the word to those in the historic city..

Why are we so moved by the plight of the Notre Dame?

April 17, 2019

A debate on the regulatory ambit of a central bank: RBI is not alone in the battle

April 17, 2019

My new piece in Mint newspaper.

The Supreme Court recently called RBI’s circular on banking regulation as “ultra vires”. In the article, I bring insights from a recent speech by Ignazio Angeloni, Member of the Supervisory Board of the ECB. Mr Angeloni mentions that one of ECB’s proposals to increase bank capital was also questioned by European Parliament! Thus, there are parallels with Indian case. Mr Angeloni raises the debate further arguing for Supervisory independence much like monetary policy independence.

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