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Starting a MMT Foundation

May 23, 2019

Bill Mitchell, one of they key persons behind MMT announced starting MMT foundation:

Announcing – Foundation for Monetary Studies Inc.

Today, I am formally announcing the – Foundation for Monetary Studies Inc. – aka The MMT Foundation.

Regular readers will know that this has been in the wind for some time. We have now completed all the legal steps to bring the MMT Foundation into operation.

We hope this will take our MMT-related projects forward and help more people understand our work and use that understanding to improve their nations down to their local communities.

The purpose

We have created the Foundation as a vehicle to raise funds and provide financial resources for educational projects as resources permit and the need arises.

It is only a funding body – to solicit funds and redirect them.

Its legal structure allows people can make donations without their identity being revealed publicly.

The first project it will support is – MMTed (aka MMT University) – which will provide formal courses to students in all nations to advance their understanding of Modern Monetary Theory.

At present this is the priority and we need some solid longer-term commitments to make this project possible and sustainable.

But any financial assistance will help.

You can nominate whether you want to be publicly known to have funded the MMTed project or not. But all funds we raise at present will go to that Project in the first instance.

The formal office bearers of the Foundation receive no payments for their services.

You will see the Advisory Board embraces all the core MMT group.

If you want to discuss sponsorship arrangements or other matters relating to the Foundation, then please contact:

1. E-mail:

2. E-mail:

3. Phone: +61 419 422 410 (international) or 0419 422 410 (from within Australia).

Please help if you can.

At present, we can accept payments by Pay Pal (at the site).

We can also accept cheques and bank transfers but you need to contact us for details if that option suits.


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