Skills of a Risk Manager in finance: C# / .NET full-stack Developer?

Interesting job vacancy at BIS:

C# / .NET full-stack Developer, Risk Management
Office location: Basel
Department: Risk Management
Employment – Duration: 3 years
Contract type: Fixed-term
FTE%: 100%
Application Deadline: 30/06/2019

Your contribution to our mission
In our role as a bank for central banks, we manage reserves for central banks and international financial institutions. We adopt a prudent approach to financial risk-taking, with risk management policies designed to ensure that risks are identified, appropriately measured, monitored and controlled. Therefore the risk management tools and systems you will help develop are vitally important to running our business, and must meet our highly specific requirements.

You will be part of the Risk Methodology team that ensures the validation and implementation of models for the management and measurement of financial and operational risks, and also contributes to the model validation of valuation models. Informed and inspired by the vast portfolio of new technologies and ways of working that are available nowadays, the IT team lead risk management system enhancement initiatives and ensure the support and product management of the IT systems.

A technical role at the heart of Risk Management
This is a role that straddles both business analysis and development. You will help analyse our Risk Management processes and systems, and then help to create these solutions through an agile workflow in a highly collaborative team-oriented environment.

Specifically, you will:

    • analyse, design, implement and test bespoke .NET business applications, interfaces and services for Risk Management;
    • analyse and design business processes with a view to create efficiencies by reliable and controlled automation;
    • support the team in designing and further developing Risk Management’s IT architecture; and
    • oversee the selection, implementation and maintenance of IT solutions and take primary responsibility for the reliability of Risk Management’s IT systems.

There was a time when risk management meant figuring accounts and some knowledge of basic finance. Then it moved to purely finance and financial engineering. And now it also means technology..

One Response to “Skills of a Risk Manager in finance: C# / .NET full-stack Developer?”

  1. Mudit Says:

    This is increasingly becoming common across all jobs in finance. Today banks are becoming more technology companies especially for employees working in middle, ops and back office functions..

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