From Harvard vs Hard work economists to scoot and shoot economists..

Lots of discussion ever since Arvind Subramaniam released his controversial paper. This was expected and am sure the former CEA weighed it before releasing.

This one by Sanjeev Ahluwalia is really hard-hitting. Earlier the foreign based economists were criticised as Harvard vs Hard-work. He adds another term for them: scoot and shoot economists. It means they change their location conveniently while writing their opinion. He also says such scooting and shooting will lead to government not taking interest in lateral entry recruitment.

One Response to “From Harvard vs Hard work economists to scoot and shoot economists..”

  1. ashok singhania Says:

    Ashok Singhania arvind subraminium is right . economic growth depends on sum total of cash in circulation reserve money fiscal defecit and net exports . as all four are down from 2012 growth is naturally down.this are also called net financial is very e clear from above formula if exports are negative fiscal defecit must go up but we are doing opposite. it also highlights importance of cash in system.
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