The Paradox of India’s Green Revolution

Marshall Bouton in this article:

More than five decades after India launched the Green Revolution, its war on hunger is far from won.

The impetus for the Green Revolution came from harvest failures and famine conditions in the mid-1960s. But its main goal was to ensure India’s national food security, more precisely its self-reliance in food grain production. We can see now that the policies adopted then, and left largely unchanged since, have not only failed to eliminate hunger but also made more intractable the challenge of providing adequate and appropriate nutrition for all of India’s people. These policies have included subsidies for fertilizer and groundwater extraction, minimum support prices for food grains (especially rice and wheat), and procurement and public distribution of grains (also mostly rice and wheat).

Most govt interventions have consequences both intended and unintended….

One Response to “The Paradox of India’s Green Revolution”

  1. samir sardana Says:

    Paradox ?

    Indian Agriculture is doomed !

    Some lessons from the disaster of Indian Agriculture

    Y Agriculture in Hindoosthan is doomed,and so is Hindoosthan Dindoosthan !

    In essence,Plant Agronomy has developed to an extent that Africa could produce all the food in the world ,for the Moon,Earth and Mars and all the aliens.However,that will crash agri prices and make obsolete , conventional agri practices and cause economic shock and political catastrophe – all over the world – and start WW3.dindooohindoo

    Hence,the technology is being suppressed by the West.

    What is the worth of an Indian Nigger – except to clean toilets and cowdung and drink cow piss cola ?

    Doom 1

    Global warming – leading to erratic and shortage of rainfall,and no water when it is needed.This is enough to make the farmers hang, from a banana tree (with the banana tree standing upright)

    Doom 2

    Depleted water table and lack of power, as it is sucked out by the industry,who use up all the dam and gas based peak load power – leaving the Hindoo farmer – to do frog marriages for rain – like in Assam.

    Peak load power is for industry and is unviable for agriculture.1 kwh of power in industry,will add economic value and revenue, for the bankrupt Hindoo state,and also,USD from exports.1 kwh of power, used in Agri, on a marginal basis, will produce diseased and rotten crops, which will be sold at less than 15% of the marginal cost, and will rot in FCI Godowns.

    Doom 3

    Marginalised land holdings with continually diminished earnings, and the quartering of land holdings, with each generation

    Doom 4

    Reduction in farm labour – at imputed and marginal cost.Declining trend of self employed hindoo farmers on land holdings – due to migration to cities – with labour shortage at key phases in agri value chain and higher marginal cost.

    Doom 5

    Inability of farmers to use mechanisation due to lack of funds, holdings,water and power

    Like I said,Indans are vermin but,it needs a confluence of verminage and imbecility, to doom Hindoo agriculture.dindooohindoo

    The Plan of The Hindoo Brahmin and Bania scum.dindooohindoo

    Step 1

    The Hindoo Brahmin and Bania scum, want to doom Hindoo agriculture – SLOWLY AND SURELY – LIKE SLOW POISON.In any case,large parts of Indian land are permanently damaged, due to urea,lead and arsenic poisoning,which explains why HINDOOSTHAN IS THE IMPOTENCE CAPITAL, OF the World

    Step 2

    The thought process of the Brahmin and Bania scum is simple.They want a perpetual exodus from farm to cities – to ensure abundant menial labour supply,lower wages and a surplus labour market – which will also ensure no trade unions in factories and industries.In addition, the agri lands become fallow and barren,as there is no self employed labour and so,the agri-holdings are ripe,for land grabbing under the guise of industrialisation,infrastructure and national development.

    Step 3

    The Infra plans of the Hindoo nation,are known only to netas,baboos and tycoons, who corner land near the infra sites (which are the direct beneficiaries,of the infra projects).It is also a critical part of the agri speculation matrix,as it s key to identify the lands which will not produce,or create sub standard produce.Once that is a constant – it is easy to plan shortages,hoarding and rumour mongering – for agri speculation.

    Step 4

    The industrial and consumer power tariffs bear the cross-subisdy of the free and discounted power, sold to farmers.Continued destruction of the farmers and their migration (which is the most important tool to destroy farmers)will kill the agri-demand,as the farmers will cease operations,and the marginal farmers will not be able to bear the upfront cost of power infrastructure.This will eventually lower industrial and consumer power tariffs,boosting profits and consumer electricity consumption.All the industry and consumer electronics entities, are owned by Bania scum,and staffed by Brahmin/Kayastha/Bania scum.

    Step 5

    The Brahmin/Bania vermin are aware that even if 100 million farmers drink cow piss and rat poison, with 1 bottle of Goan fenee – there will still be, agri-excess production – even w/o agri technologies and corporate agriculture.Instead of the Indian farmers dying – they could clean toilets and work in Indian Industry and Infrastructure.Hence,the BRAHMIN-BANIA VERMIN DOES NOT CORRECT THE AGRI PRICES AND SHORTAGE DISASTER.

    Step 6

    With all the money saved by the Indian industry,by destroying the farmers,the Chaiwala and Fat Pancho Amit Shah,develop new schemes to keep farmers IDLE for a fee – which are notional transfer payments,to the farmers – which net the farmer,more than he would earn from farming, and eventually shift him to the cities.It is also a form of legalised vote purchase from menials

    Step 7

    It is said that the rats who pray to Lord Gand-Phatee,eat a billion USD of food grains,in the FCI godowns each year.The Brahmin/ Bania vermin does not deem it fit to give away the foodgrains to farmers, BPL and other destitutes.The netas and baboos of the Ministry of Agriculture, are on the payroll of the international traders on CBOT and other exchanges – to ensure that the Hindoo vermin does not dump its holdings.The netas and baboos also ensure that other agri exporters profit from the Nil export,s of the Hindooo Dindoo state – whose stocks are enough to hold up prices in agri-exchanges.This is not because the bania vermin wants to help Brazil and LDC exporters,per se.It is because the Brahmin-Bania vermin are duds, who have no faith on the capability of the agri-value chain and the state, to perform, and respond to one-off or dynamic agri trading, in global markets.The mortal fear of the netas and baboos is food riots,agri shortages and rising prices.This is after 70 years of the creation of the Dubious Hindoo Dindoo nation.


    Perfidy 1

    The primary aim of the BRAHMIN-BANIA VERMIN,is to create a situation of agri-over production and gluts, to ensure that food grain prices are kept at the lowest possible level – to ensure political stability.It also caps inflation – which, in turn,impacts wages, government salaries and pensions.

    Perfidy 2

    The BRAHMIN-BANIA VERMIN aim to make the dindooohindoo farmer believe that agriculture is game of chance. and to outsource the evil,corruption and ineptitude of the netas-baboos and banias to impotent Hndoo Gods.For this to happen – the variables of the agri-production and quality have to be made totally uncertain (by human incompetence) – which will make gluts and shortages the norm and passe.Hence,the brahmin-bania vermin have no interest in solving the farmers problems,and wish to perpetuate the myth that farming in Hindoosthan, is a game of dice with the Kauravas, or even worse, like Matka.

    For example, in Feneee land of Goa , there is a Portugese Green Revolution – wherein farmers just recite vedic hymns and the plant grows w/o water and power and pesticides.It was inspired by the Poetry of Salazar (akin to the Songs of Solomon)

    Perfidy 3

    The BRAHMIN-BANIA VERMIN know the worth of the Indian vermin. If they solve the agri issues and provide economic power and water,and the farmer gets economic prices and profits – then the farmer will use his brain and PRODUCE the CROP WHICH MAXIMISES HIS PROFITS – and not that of the Brahmin/Bania vermin.That means that the baboos in North Block and the Bania vermin will not be able to control what the farmer will produce – and hence,will not be able to plan and speculate.

    To be fair, when the farmer will bet on a crop (along with others), there will be a glut and prices will crash – and the farmers will all jump into the Arabian Sea – looking for Osama’s coffin.In addition, some other crop which the baboos and bania vermin wanted – would have a shortage.

    Hence,the Hindoo farmer is a guinea pig !

    Perfidy 4

    The above also explains why the BRAHMIN-BANIA VERMIN has not made any storage and Cold storage facilities near the agri-production sites.As in above,the aim is to ensure that the farmer does not decide, what to produce,and also, that the farmer has no option to stock and sell – w/o degradation of produce.

    Perfidy 5

    In 5000 years of the Hindoo filth,the Hindoo vermin have not eradicated the arhatiya vermin – who are Brahmin-Bania scum.The arhatiya vermin are proof that every problem in agri can be anticipated,planned has a possibility and a probability and a solution. However,the arhatiya worm uses EWS (Early warning signals) of the agri supply and value chain,alongwith the impotence and ineptitude of the netas and baboos to racketeer, profit,hoard, cheat and speculate.The scum exist at the start and end of the primary agricultural supply chain.

    These vermin are also the source of the intel,for speculation on the Indian Agri-exchanges and CBOT.Agri-futures in Hindoosthan are a proof of the misery of the Hindoo farmers and an opportunity cost of the devastation caused on the Indian Farmers.Agri-futures assist only bania vermin speculators and large hindoo corporates.dindooohindoo


    In essence,the Hindoo farmer is a VC,with no risk mitigation options, and so, should get free power,free water and nil interest and subsidised seeds and fertilisers.In addition, the hindoo farmer is a fool,who is treated as the last and dispensable residual,variable in the politico-economic calculus.Hence,the fool has to bear the brunt of all the disasters of the Brahmin-Bania vermin and the netas and baboos – in terms of no power,no water,no subsidy,no hike in agri-prices and cheating by the traders and money lenders.

    On principles of ontology,the Brahmin-Bania vermin have played with the time and life of the farmers.Time,the cosmological constant, is a creation of Allah and manifested by his providence. Hence,those who play with time – should be killed,per se,as it is a form of blasphemy, in an assumed human form.

    Hindoosthan has to be divided into agri-economic zones with production quotas for each state allocated to each village – and the entire agri infra integrated with the said agri-economic zone.

    Better still,Hindoosthan can be partitioned based on the agrizones, which is as inevitable,as the urine discharged by the Chaiwala PM of Hindoosthan.

    Once Kashmir is partitioned, and the waters of Kabul basin and Kashmir flow into Pakistan – DindoooHindoo agri and Hindoo agri exports are doomed, in any case.

    Allah evaporates the water of the seas,dams and rivers and blows them to Pakistan – where it precipitates.Allah is not blowing enough. Hence,Allah will give them Kashmir- as a restitution.

    1 way to make Pakistan a superpower,is to convert water into animal proteins and export the protein to the GCC.Any crop has 70% water and the rest is carbon and meat requires gazillions of water, and the animal eats the carbon of the crop – AT THE SITE OF THE FARM.It is a simple model used from the time of the Prophet – and then Pakistan and Turkey and the Mongols, can start the Ghazwa-e-hind, to end that Prophecy.Even now, Pakistan exports 90% of its water into the Arabian Sea – with no USD inflows.dindooohindoo

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