The Banco de España and its promotion of economic history research

Spain’s central bank has been actively promoting research in economic history.

Governor Pablo Hernández de Cos in a speech lists the steps take to promote history:

Firstly, the Banco de España regularly organises conferences focusing on the discussion of aspects relating to economic history. This year, for example, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Stabilisation Plan, the Banco de España will, next October, be organising
a conference in Barcelona focusing on the analysis of the Plan. It will likewise pay tribute to the figure of Joan Sardà. I trust you will be able to join us at this conference.

Also, since 2015 the Bank has organised annually a top-level international economic history conference aimed at academia. In recent years, both our central bank researchers and external researchers financed by us have been selected to present their papers. In this year’s edition, the conference has been jointly organised with the CEPR’s Economic History section.

Secondly, since 2009, the Banco de España has had a biannual programme in place for economic history research grants. Under the programme, universities commit themselves, following an agreement signed with the Bank, to pursuing the research selected and to
presenting and publishing their findings. The possibility of collaboration between researchers from both institutions is also envisaged.

Since 1980, under the initial backing of Luis Ángel Rojo, the Bank has published a collection of monographs relating to monetary and financial history, Spanish and international alike, under the name “Economic History Studies” (more familiarly known as the “Red Series”). To
date, this collection had solely included papers prepared or financed by the Banco de España. Currently, however, with a view to extending and maintaining its continuity, we are assessing opening it up to other research not necessarily financed by the Bank.

Lastly, allow me to stress another of the grounds for a publication such as that we are presenting today. It is a question of transparency, understood as the possibility of sharing information with society as a whole. As I pointed out in one of my early public appearances
as governor of the Banco de España, I consider making high-quality statistical information available to researchers as absolutely crucial for sound analyses and research enabling better-founded economic policy decision-making. In this respect, we intend in the coming years to pursue various projects that allow these researchers to have access to our statistical information, thereby enabling different avenues of analysis and research of benefit to society as a whole.  

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