Names of new digital banks: N26, 86400!

Australia has licenced a new digital bank names 86400 which draws its name from 86400 seconds in a day. Move over 24*7 banking, we are talking about banking every second. What next?

In Germany, we have a bank number N26 which has been shortened from Number 26. In a rubric cube, we have 26 number of small cubes. The idea is a rubric cube is complex but if you the correct combination, one can move quickly.

I wrote this piece which tracked how names of banks have changed in India over the years. It is interesting how banks were named based on the times. Thus most earlier banks were named either on the place name or the family name which was prominent. Bank names based on community were also important. The idea was to build trust.

Now bank names are based on digital technology and the idea is to show it will be fast and always connected.

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