A new museum in Paris is all about money

DW profiles the new money museum in Paris.

They say money makes the world go around, and apparently, it also makes for a good museum: The “Cité de l’économie et de la monnaie” “(which translates as city of economy and money) is a new museum which opened this summer in Paris. Called Citéco for short, it’s appropriately located in the central building of the Banque de France.

While the setting of the museum could hardly be more dignified­­ — a castle-like villa built by the banker Émile in the late 19th century — its content is playful. Excerpts from Charlie Chaplin’s 1915 short film The Bank flicker in the former vault. A work of art by the French artist Christian Champin welcomes the visitors: Djibrila, a cow sculpture made of metal waste, is intended to point out the problem of overproduction around the globe.

While one might imagine a museum about economics to be a bit dull, in fact, the opposite is true. Citéco boasts more than 50 videos and 20 video games, as well as photographs and sculptures in its collection. There’s even an eye-catching one-meter-high sculpture made of hundreds of feathers, pearls, shells and coins, which at some point served as a means of payment. The museum aims to prove that a complex economic history can be explained in an original and playful way.


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