The tenures under RTI Act should not have been amended but applied to financial regulators too..

My new piece in moneycontrol.

I reflect on the recent amendments in RTI Act which are to do with tenures of the RTI officials. Under the older RTI Act, the information commissioners were given a fixed non-renewable tenure of 5 years and salaries were defined as well. These have been amended and made discretionary at the hands of the government.

This is unfortunate and I argue that instead of amending these aspects of the Act, it should have been applied in tenures of appointments of other key officials such as those in financial regulation.

More in the piece.

Having said that, the amendments to RTI Act have been going on for a while now. This piece by Sevanti Ninan in ‘The India Forum’ argues how it has been defanged one step at a time. The recent amendments are an addition to the earlier steps.

The legislature makes acts and takes decisions, then brings another act which could question them  over their policies and then defangs the very act. So much so for whatever we humans do…

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