Case of Valeria Gonareva former Governor of Ukraine: From death threats to home arson..

Valeria Gonareva, Former Governor of Central Bank of Ukraine, has been under trouble for a while. She was pivotal to nationalisation of PrivatBank, a bank owned by the billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky.

She received death threats during her tenure with people putting coffin at her home.

She had moved to LSE but was recently hit in London. Her friends think it was not an accident but an attempt to hit her.

As if this was not enough, her home in Ukraine has been torched by protesters!

Ukraine’s president called on Tuesday for a full investigation into an arson attack that has raised political tensions in a dispute over the IMF-backed nationalisation of the country’s largest lender PrivatBank.


Police have opened a criminal investigation after a property belonging to the family of former Central Bank Governor Valeria Gontareva was burned down. Gontareva did not say who might be responsible for the arson attack.

Zelenskiy called the fire a “brutal crime”. Ukraine’s dollar-denominated bonds fell by as much as 1.6% on the rising tensions over PrivatBank and the arson attack.

The Central Bank has issued a press release:

We, the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine, publicly declare the unacceptability of these purposeful, systematic attacks on the ex-Governor of the central bank, Valeria Gontareva, and, through her, all reformers who worked and work for the benefit of Ukraine. This is no longer a series of incidents, it is TERROR. Its purpose is to intimidate reformers, past and present, and to paralyze our activities, to silence us.

We will not be silent. This is a direct and undisguised threat to democracy and the reforms that Ukraine’s future and the wellbeing of its people depend on.

But it is not just a threat to the reforms. It is a threat to every citizen, and their constitutional rights and freedoms, which the state has committed to protect.

Furthermore, it threatens the complete destruction of the moral values ​​of a democratic society in favor of terror.

We call for action. Law enforcement authorities must promptly and impartially investigate this series of attacks, as well as offenses against the owners and shareholders of insolvent banks of which the NBU has previously informed these authorities. 

We insist that the constitutional rights of all the citizens of Ukraine, for the protection of life and health, should be secured not by words – but by actions.

I had argued in my BS piece: Who wants to be a central banker? This was followed by another one on Trump treating Powell as an enemy. Then there is the case of central bankers of Cyprus and Slovenia.

However, the episodes in Ukraine have taken a new dangerous turn. It is not about central bank independence anymore. But saving the central banker’s lives!

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