Muthoot family has a legacy of 800 years and Muthoot Group of 133 years

I was really surprised to note the advertisement of Muthoot Group in Times of India a few days back. It said that the family has a legacy of 800 years!

I checked the website of the Muthoot group and was mightily surprised:

The Muthoot Group, which has a family legacy of 800 years, was founded in 1887 by Late Shri Ninan Mathai Muthoot, as a modest trading business in the remote village of Kozhencherry in Kerala. The village was geographically handicapped and devoid of all prerequisites for starting and expanding a business such as – mobility, land, resources, industry and favourable market conditions, etc. Despite such challenging situations, The Muthoot Group continued to grow and expand as a result of the sheer will, diligence, honesty and trustworthiness exhibited by its founders.

Today, The Muthoot Group has established for itself a formidable reputation and has garnered the trust of millions of customers. The success of the Group has its roots in its concern for the society and unceasing acts of altruism, the commitment and hard-work put in by its 30,000 employees strong workforce and the trust of its millions of loyal customers.

Each day, we strive to keep our values and ethics intact to serve our customers with services of utmost quality, ensure a sustainable existence and rise up to contribute to the building of our nation.

The current Chairman Mr M.G. George Muthoot is 19th generation of the family!

As a member of the 19th generation of the Muthoot Family and the current Chairman of The Muthoot Group, I take humble pride in stating that The Muthoot Group is an organization that has an unblemished family business legacy of over 800 years! I feel very few families world over could take pride in such a rare and unique distinction.

This is enthralling! For all you know Muthoot group is not even mentioned in most  Indian business history books/articles.

This is a kind of business history which is dying to be written. One can also understand history of Kerala along the way…

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  1. chitra Says:

    can you share the indian business history books ? or sources from where i can get from …. email id :

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