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When Sardar Patel appointed a Committee to review plague relief in Borsad (near Anand)

April 20, 2020

One is discovering so much. Following my piece on Bombay Plague in 1896, one is trying to find more evidence/cases of similar epidemics in other places.

I came across this superb report: Report of Borsad Plague Relief Inquiry Committee, 1935.

This Committee was established by Sh. Sardar Patel to review whether British authorities made any effort to relieve plague conditions in Borsad . a place 17 kms from Anand. The report says plague had spread and killed several people:


Sweden’s Covid19 response: Grim truth or Glimmer of hope?

April 20, 2020

Couple of articles on Sweden’s Covid19 strategy having a totally opposite view.

What is Sweden’s strategy? It has not opposed a lockdown and expects disciplined Swedes to manage and maintain broad norms. This piece explains why it is possible to do such things in Sweden.

Niclas Rolander in this piece says the strategy has broadly worked.

Hans Bergstrom argues the opposite and says things are looking bad now and Sweden is also headed the European way of lockdown.


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