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Teachable Moments from the Pandemic: Canadian edition

May 5, 2020

Stephen S. Poloz, Outgoing Governor of Bank of Canada in this speech points to some teachable moments from the pandemic.

He starts saying how Canada gets hits twice each time there is an economic shock:


The Evolution Of Interest Rate Benchmarks In India (History of Repo and Reverse Repo)

May 5, 2020

My new piece in BQ.

The recent RBI decision to tweak Reverse Repo rates has created a lot of interest and confusion in markets. I track the long history of evolution of repo and reverse repo rates in India. This history is fascinating and complex as there have been so many changes in the two interest rates. What is fascinating is rpo was earlier used for absorption of liquidity and reverse repo for infusing liquidity. The nomenclature was changed in 2004 in line with global standards.

Much more in the piece.

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