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Electrifying Rural America: How during Great Depression, communities formed cooperatives to bring electricity to rural areas

May 22, 2020

Super article by Tim Sablik of Richmond Fed. He narrates how US initiated its rural electrification program during Great Depression. As they say don’t let a crisis go waste.


The dirty history of soap

May 22, 2020

Judith Radner, a scholar who researches material culture looks at the dirty history of soap.

Soap is an essential part of our life. In modern day, it is a part of our daily hygiene routine. We use it everyday to bathe, wash hands and so on. Now, in time of COVID-19, it has become a life-saver, helping us to mitigate the risk of infection. But what do we know about the history of soap? When and where did soap originate? How did it evolve into its modern form? How did it become a part of our daily life?


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