New Valueresearch Podcast: Everyday Economics

Puja Mehra, author of the book The Lost Decade (2008-18), has started a new podcast on valueresearch named Everyday Economics.

In the second episode, Puja speaks to Ajay Shah on India’s helathcare and public health systems. Ajay differentiates between the two terms – healthcare and public health – right at the beginning. Healthcare means one seeking medical services such as toothache, stomach ailments etc. Public Health on the other hand means efforts to improve health outcomes of public at large by programs such as vaccination, education etc.

Healthcare is a private good and public health is a public good. There are talks of nationalising healthcare in India and Ajat strongly disagrees with the idea.

Lots more in the podcast.

We have ignored healthcare for way too long in India. Now healthcare and public health is going to take a central position amidst our discussions.

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