How Iceland Beat the Coronavirus: The country didn’t just manage to flatten the curve; it virtually eliminated it

Iceland is another of those countries which has managed to do really well in handling the pandemic.

Elizabeth Kolbert has a terrific article on the Iceland story.  Highlight: Different aspects of pandemic management were handled by experts. Politicians stayed away:

Iceland never imposed a lockdown. Only a few types of businesses—night clubs and hair salons, for example—were ever ordered closed. Hardly anyone in Reykjavík wears a mask. And yet, by mid-May, when I went to talk to Pálmason, the tracing team had almost no one left to track. During the previous week, in all of Iceland, only two new coronavirus cases had been confirmed. The country hadn’t just managed to flatten the curve; it had, it seemed, virtually eliminated it.


But, when I asked Stefánsson about the Icelandic government’s response to covid-19, he had only kind words.

“This was done in an extremely balanced way,” he said at one point. “And I think the authorities did pretty much everything right.” At another point, he told me, “The remarkable thing in this whole affair is that in Iceland it has been run entirely by the public-health authorities. They came up with the plan, and they just instituted it. And we were fortunate that our politicians managed to control themselves.”

Kolbert is a journalist based out of US. She was so fortunate to get permission to travel to Iceland during the pandemic and document all this..

Much more in the piece…

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