Building the Financial System of the 21st Century: Macroprudential becomes even more important

Luis de Guindos of ECB in this speech:

In my remarks today, I will highlight the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) shock has had on the banking sector and market-based sources of finance. In both the euro area and the United States, the pandemic and the related lockdown measures have led to stark economic contractions. These contractions have been shaped by key structural differences between the two financial sectors, requiring differentiated policy responses. Irrespective of these differences, a powerful trio of monetary, prudential and fiscal policy responses on both sides of the Atlantic provided critical support that prevented the financial system from immediately seizing up, which would have had severe consequences for financial stability in the near term. Looking ahead, the pandemic shock may accelerate ongoing transformations in the financial sector landscape. Moreover, the shock is highlighting the importance of macroprudential policy in both the bank and non-bank financial sectors to safeguard a stable financial system.


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